We are building scientist enthusiasts and curators of High Performance Building Products.

Performance Haus is a progressive group of building science enthusiasts. With background experience in a variety of skilled trades and industry partners with specialized systems, we have all the tools necessary for a well-designed building envelope.

We have personally experienced the catastrophic failures of trying
to make conventional systems “tighter.” At Performance Haus, we have recreated
those conventional systems.

Our passion is to provide a high-performance building envelope that not only works, but is sustainable.

Our specialty is to provide high-quality products that are not available through
other suppliers. We also work together with other building product suppliers to
create packages for builders and contractors.

Our goal is to help those who want to do a better job by giving them full access to the products and training necessary to achieve their specific targets.

We are ‘Boots on the Ground’ people. We aren’t afraid to get our
hands dirty, in fact, we love it. We delight in helping builders and contractors
through informative workshops and on-site training to ensure that new products
are installed properly and perform at their optimum level.  

People are the reason why we are in this industry. We love meeting like minded
individuals and getting to know our customers face to face. We are friendly,
easy to talk to, and family oriented. So come check out our shop and have a coffee
with us! And if you have kids, feel free to bring them along. We have a huge
white board they can draw on and Harvey the Sheep (sheep mascot) that everybody
loves to play with.

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