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High-Performance Air & Moisture Barriers


The right air and moisture barrier is one of the most critical components of the building envelope. Traditional barriers are no longer good enough. Whether you need moisture management for your walls, roof or foundation, DELTA® has the high-performance product to meet your specific needs.

DELTA®-VENT SA leads the industry in vapor permeability with a rating of 50 perms. Water-resistive barriers with much lower permeability ratings can trap moisture within the envelope, leading to mold and damage – causing further issues with occupant comfort and health. While keeping external air and water out of the building, DELTA®-VENT SA allows moisture and vapor to escape, for more effective drying

DELTA®-VENT S-plus is a heavy duty, highly permeable water-resistive barrier and air barrier with an integrated tape. The 3-layer, spun-bonded polypropylene is suitable for all wall applications.  High permeability – moisture accumulation within the structure is able to escape via diffusion. Maximizes air tightness, making it ideal for energy-efficient construction

DELTA®-MULTI BAND 60 is a versatile tape with very strong adhesion. It is highly resistant to aging, and suitable for internal and external use. Composed of pure acrylic adhesive, the product is extremely flexible.

DELTA®-FLEXX-BAND is a connecting and sealing tape for internal and external detail elements such as dormer windows, soil pipes, and cables. The product is composed of stretchable bitumen-rubber adhesive on a special non-woven fabric, allowing for great adhesion and stretchability.

Protects Property


DELTA® products control moisture and protect builder investments. DELTA® products prohibit the damaging effects of moisture that reduce overall service life and result in costly repairs.

Saves Energy


DELTA® barriers prevent inward air and moisture leakage, stopping mold from entering building spaces while maximizing energy savings. DELTA® products also have high permeability ratings, enabling faster evaporation of incidental water vapor.

Creates Comfort


As an integral part of the building envelope, DELTA® products contribute to maximum occupant comfort by keeping spaces dry and free from mold. DELTA® products also facilitate pinpoint accuracy of internal temperature and humidity levels.


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