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Introducing Halo – The Advanced Graphite Insulation System

From below-grade to above-grade, inside and out, Halo is the insulating system designed perfectly for specific applications. Halo’s high-performance graphite polystyrene (GPS) core is enhanced by a series of ingenious laminate surfaces, each customized to it’s specific usage application, for an advanced rigid insulation system that even outperforms more expensive XPS insulation.

Halo Exterra

Perfectly designed for exterior wall applications

  • Provides outstanding insulation performance AND eliminates heat loss from thermal bridging.
  • Allows moisture to escape the wall assembly.
  • Keeps wall dry and healthy by keeping rain out.
  • Eliminates the expense of buying and installing any additional house wrap (When sheathing tape is applied to joints and fasteners).

Halo Interra

Perfectly designed for interior applications

  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-term R-5 per nominal inch
  • Built-in vapor barrier
  • Reflective laminate reflects heat back into the home or building

Halo Subterra

Perfectly Designed for Below-Ground Applications
  • Halo® GPS (graphite polystyrene) delivers a long-term R-5 per nominal inch*Subterra® is available with a thick polypropylene laminate or with an extra-tough cross-woven laminate (Subterra® Plus)
  • Job site tough — able to withstand severe foot and equipment traffic without breaking
  • Built-in water-resistive barrier

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