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Meet HempWool.

Gone are the days of the itchy pink stuff. Hempitecture HempWool is a thermal insulation building material that is good for you and our planet. Made of 90% natural fiber, HempWool is the safe, healthy, and sustainable insulation. This is HempWool. The most sustainable insulation on the planet.

What R Value do I need?

Often, the R value needed is determined by your Climate Location and local building codes. Additionally, HempWool is suited to meet the depth of your studs. Generally, you can match the depth of your studs with the depth of HempWool. You can also apply HempWool in layers.

Why Hemp Insulation?

  • No VOC’s.
  • No toxins.
  • Safe to touch.
  • Better performance: dimensional stability, vapor permeable, phase shift regulator, thermal resistance 3.7/in
  • Sustainable: 90% natural fiber
  • Easy install: non abrasive, standardized panel sizes, cuts with various tools, pressure fit system
  • Nuisance proof.

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