Innotech only manufactures the highest quality of windows and doors with superior performance. 

Tilt + Turn Advantage
Hybrid Framing
Defender Hardware
Quality Assurance
Performance Data

The tilt + turn operation is an engineered system that is superior by design; it’s not just a neat way to open windows. 

The Hybrid Framing System features: galvanized steel framing integrally bonded to unplasticized European PVC profiles in a form factor that integrates multi-point locking hardware and a unique triple weatherseal system.

Defend your home from air, water and thieves! Innotech Windows and Doors are armed with an integrated set of features that includes multi-point locking hardware, steel reinforcement and welded frame construction.

The robust quality assurance process includes regular in-house, third-party and on-site testing of our windows and doors.

Innotech Windows and doors can achieve some of the highest performance available. 

Windows and Doors specified for projects with aggressive performance and sustainability requirements.

Passive House Windows
Energy Star
Built Green
Net-Zero Energy

Innotech Tilt + Turn Advantage

Innovative and easy to operate European windows also provide excellent natural ventilation, high levels of security and are conveniently easy to clean.

Innotech tilt and turn windows achieve exceptional energy efficiency, air tightness, water resistance and sound control.

Hybrid Framing

Unlike conventional vinyl windows, every lineal frame and sash profile is integrally bonded to internal steel reinforcing before the windows are assembled.

These steel-uPVC frames are stiff and strong, and overcome the limitations of conventional vinyl products. They provide the wind load resistance needed for large windows and door, and resist bowing, sagging and warping from temperature changes.

Defender Hardware System

Multi-point Locking Hardware

Each window and door sash is surrounded by a band of fully-adjustable steel hardware that securely bolts to the frame at multiple points. 

Steel Reinforcement

Each window and door is internally reinforced with structural galvanized steel. The unseen steel provides structural strength, but also makes the framing stiffer and resistant to forced entry.

Welded Corner Construction

Each window and door sash is welded together into a one-piece, internally reinforced assembly that cannot be disassembled or broken apart.

Quality Assurance

Research & Development 

Our ongoing research & development ensures we only use proven window and door components. We then fine-tune, continually test and then assemble these to ensure all components work together to meet our aggressive performance and durability standards.

Product Testing 

Our extensive testing program is ongoing, including third party laboratory testing, regular in-house quality assurance testing, and high-stakes on-site testing.

Key Performance Data

The following NAFS and NFRC Summary Test Results is intended to provide an overview of the performance of our windows and doors. All performance data varies depending on product size, product configuration and glazing options; lower and higher performance results are possible.

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