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Releasing the natural power of stone wool insulation.

Stone and civilization were made for each other. ROCKWOOL makes the most of this relationship to improve our health, well being and comfort.

In its manufactured state, stone wool delivers unique benefits as an insulation solution. In part due to its non-directional fiber orientation, stone wool also exhibits unique benefits which have come to be known as the 7 strengths of stone.

  • Fire resistant for occupant safety
  • Sound absorbent for acoustic comfort
  • Water repellent to keep you dry
  • Dimensional stability means maintaining performance

The 7 Strengths of Stone

  1. Fire resilience: withstand temperatures above 1000C.
  2. Thermal properties: save energy by maintaining optimum indoor temperature and climate
  3. Acoustic capabilities: block, absorb, or enhance sounds
  4. Robustness: increased performance and greater stability with lower costs
  5. Aesthetics: match performance with aesthetics
  6. Water properties: manage our most precious resource
  7. Circularity: reusable and recyclable materials

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