Your answer for creating an air and weather tight building envelope.

High-performance adhesive tapes and membranes for air and weathertight building envelopes.

Made without the use toxins such as; solvents, chemical dryers, formaldehyde and harmful resins. 


Single-sided flexible adhesive tape for interior seam sealing and circular penetrations.Single-sided, supple high-performance adhesive tape for permanent airtight bonding of vapor control layers.


Single-sided, diffusible and rainproof high-performance adhesive tape for permanent windtight bonding of component layers outdoors.


Single-sided, robust and flexible high-performance adhesive tape for permanent secure sealing of component joints in solid and metal structures.


The single-sided and strongly adhesive, stable tape is especially suitable for indoor sealing of airtight layers where panel abutments are to be sealed or vapour control layers overlap.


The symmetrically pre-folded and strongly adhesive tape is especially suitable for connection to window and door frames involving indoor airtight layers.


Diffusion-open, wind and rainproof facade membrane for permanent protection of the exterior wall and maintaining the functionality of the thermal insulation.


A vapor control layer using Hygrobrid technology that establishes airtight layers.

SIGA adhesive tape:  

  • Strong adhesion 

  • Flexible

  • Quick install

  • High-performance results

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