Skylights need to hit even more energy efficiency targets in the 2020 Energy Star program.

This means glass needs to check all the latest boxes.

The Energy Star Program

The Canadian government manages the Energy Star program. And, as part of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, windows and skylights have seen increased energy efficiency targets in the 2020 program. Some previously certified skylight models are no longer certified. The Energy Star program in Canada was updated January 2020 to a single-zone for windows and skylights.

i89 Glass to the Rescue

So, our leading skylight supplier VELUX Canada added a new glass option to their product program that meets the updated Energy Star requirements. When it comes to the new single-zone requirements, VELUX has you covered with i89 glass. All VELUX skylights are triple coated with LoE and argon gas for UV protection. But the i89 works even harder to keep leaks out and sunshine in.

Why i89?

    • Offers maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance (2089 code)
    • Exterior tempered safety glass
    • Energy-saving 4th surface LoE coating is applied on two surfaces for enhanced energy efficiency
    • Exterior tempered pane has Neat® coating for a Clean, Quiet and Safe glass
    • Laminated interior pane for added safety and UV protection
    • 10-year hail warranty

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