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VELUX offers a complete system of complementary products and accessories for any solution from installation down to the finishing touches.

Sun Tunnels

The VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylight is the most innovative skylight in the industry. The new product design delivers brighter natural light and the easiest installation available.

Roof Windows

VELUX roof windows are designed for in-reach applications that require egress emergency escape capabilities. Examples include above-garage bonus rooms, lofts, and finished attic spaces.

Flat Roof Solution

VELUX offers a wide range of flat roof solutions all designed to keep heat loss to a minimum, make the most of solar gain and let in natural daylight.


Canadians think that we spend 68% of our time indoors, but in reality, most of us spend 90% of our time indoors without getting enough daylight or fresh air.

We have managed to block ourselves off from the dangers of the outside world, but the truth is, indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air.

Science has shown that the air pollution in our homes have detrimental effects on our health and well-being. It can cause issues ranging from headaches, sore eyes, allergies, asthma and worse. A lack of direct sunlight can also cause a Vitamin D deficiency which contributes to fatigue, tiredness and low mood.


The best place to start with improvement is our homes; two-thirds of our time indoors is spent in them.

Air Out

It is recommended to air out your home 3-4 times a day for at least 10 minutes, with more than one window open. This helps remove  gases, particles, biological waste and water vapour.

Natural Light

Light your home with as much natural light as possible. Move your dining table or desk closer to a window. Natural sunlight helps to improve your overall health.

Clean Carpets

Thick carpets hold dust mites and bacteria. Clean them regularly. Or if you can, get rid of them altogether.

Avoid Chemicals

There are many harmful chemicals in our daily cleaning products. Whenever possible avoid these and opt for natural products; microfiber cloths, vinegar, and soap flakes.

Limit Moisture

Excess moisture from the bathroom and drying clothes indoors can cause mold. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated, dry your clothes outside if you can, and if not, make sure you have a window open during drying.

Bring Outdoors Inside

A simple step like adding a potted plant to your home can help purify your air and improve your indoor quality.

Use Skylights

Skylights can deliver 2 times the amount of daylight as vertical windows. Airing out your home using skylights gives you improved indoor air quality.


Getting the right amount of day light:

Skylights greatly increases the daylight in your home. They bring in 2x the amount as regular windows. Lack of daylight may cause sleep disturbance, stress, obesity, fatigue and depression.

Getting the right amount of daylight is essential for our health and well-being; it improves our mood and fights Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Skylights can deliver daylight deep into the room and greatly reduce the need for artificial light lowering electricity costs.

Improve indoor air quality:

2-4 airings of your home per day with a VELUX programmable skylight helps to achieve optimum indoor air quality.

As the vertical windows circulate the air within the space,
hot air, odours, and toxins rise to the highest point in the home. By opening your skylight those gases escape through the roof creating a healthier indoor environment. You can also reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer months saving on electricity.

Skylights are no longer just a “nice addition” to our homes, they are becoming a “need to have” item.

For more than 75 years, VELUX has been dedicated to improving people’s quality of life by helping to ensure homes and workplaces can get enough light and fresh air.


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