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WHEN: Thursday April 11, 2019 (10AM to 12PM)

WHAT: Air Tightness & Moisture Management

SPONSOR: Innotech Windows and Doors (refreshments provided)

WHERE: Performance Haus. 125 South Ave. Spruce Grove. Unit 108.

Air Tightness & Moisture Management

Strategies in High-Performance Building Envelopes

In residential and commercial buildings, a well designed and executed high-performance and continuously sealed envelope contributes to low energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. It also increases occupant comfort, decreases operating costs and contributes to the building’s long-term durability.

“Air Tightness & Moisture Management – Strategies in High-Performance Building Envelopes” is a fresh look at the features of resilient and efficient envelope design that examines the key layers that comprise the fabric of the building and how a well-planned weather, air and vapor sealing strategy avoids risks, saves money and helps achieve energy and thermal performance targets.

SIGA develops and produces high-performance products free of toxins that are resistant to aging and provide an airtight seal for buildings of all types. Today, approximately 50% of the world’s energy requirements are consumed by heating and cooling buildings. This affects the environment and accelerates climate change. SIGA is committed to energy-efficient buildings to stop this progression.

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